About us

The Kush Fund was established to take advantage of the wide variety of investments available in the growing cannabis and marijuana industry. We believe that the Fund can generate significant year over year return on investment due to the following factors:

  • Marijuana has robust medical, recreational, services, research, technology and agricultural markets – opportunity to spread the investment risk across the entire industry.
  • Marijuana usage is on the verge of becoming mainstream in the US; Colorado sells $1 Million per day in recreational marijuana;
  • The industry is becoming commercialized, with real business models, integration of processes, advanced products, a variety of applications and delivery and management of dosage.
  • Booming sales of marijuana have growers scrambling to find land and warehouse space to grow the product.
  • Research into different delivery methods, isolating different strains and varying strength of product very lucrative investment opportunity.
  • Retail sales of marijuana will increase market and generate additional related investments
  • Warehouse space and growing facilities in great demand, great investment opportunities.
  • Storage, transportation, and security companies are in demand, great investment opportunities.
  • Research and monitoring companies are in demand, great investment opportunities.
  • The developing technologies for controlling doses, and optimizing extracting provides additional great investment opportunities.

Building Capital by providing critical funding support to Cannabis Investment Opportunities

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